"Past Presence" - Sci-Fi

Logline: "A professor, obsessed with the idea of former lives, gets the chance to see his past via an extraordinary device, but his discovery leads to grave consequences".

  • Bronze Medal Winner at the Depth of Field Script Writing Competition
    (ranked in top 13)
  • Quarter Finalist at the 2016 Screencraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest
  • Nominated at the 2017 Hollywood Dreamz Writer's Celebration
  • Official Selection at the 2016 AOF International Film Festival in the Writers Division
  • Official Selection at the Depth of Field International Film Festival Competition
  • Winner: Best Screenplay MOVIE at the Wildsound Fest.  VIDEO below
  • Winner: Selected for table reading at 1st Scene Contest at the Wildsound Fest.  VIDEO below


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"Nails" - Drama

Short Screenplay Winner at the 2020 WILDSound Writing and Film Festival. 

See Script Movie VIDEO below

"Raging Love" - Drama

Short Screenplay Winner at the 2016 WILDSound Writing and Film Festival.  VIDEO below


"A Group of Crows" - Crime Thriller 

Logline: Suspicion envelops a softhearted man in a small town plagued by murders.


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